SPIDIMAN (Single-Port Insulin Infusion for Improved Diabetes Management) started on November 1st, 2012. During the next 5 years it aims to improve glycaemic management for better quality of life and healthier aging by exploiting a novel glucose sensor technology. The consortium, consisting of well experienced participants, will develop an innovative artificial pancreas approach and perform clinical validation in a European network of specialized diabetes centres. SPIDIMAN will pave the way for a new single-port device which will advance diabetes management especially for patients in childhood and adolescence.


SPIDIMAN animation

The SPIDIMAN sensors are applied as small rings on the needle of a commercial infusion set. The needle is inserted into the subcutaneous tissue to deliver insulin from the pump. The glucose reader is placed on top of the infusion set to read out the sensors transcutaneously. One channel of the reader measures the tissue glucose concentrations and the second channel measures tissue oxygen levels.